React Native - Debugging


React Developer Tools


it’s a standalone version of an official Remote Debugger - Chrome Developer Tools (CDT).

react-devtools connects to simulator automatically (additional configuration for Android is required).

Remote Redux DevTools

Redux DevTools (extension menu) → Open Remote DevTools

RND contains:

so RND is an all-in-one solution - there’s no need to install other tools separately.

use RND as Remote Debugger


Remote Debugger is opened automatically when application is launched and Debug JS Remotely option is enabled in Developer Menu.


export REACT_DEBUGGER="open -g 'rndebugger://set-debugger-loc?host=localhost&port=8081' --args"

adding --args option in the end prevents from opening current application directory in Finder after launching React Native Debugger.

record network log

Redux DevTools
RMB → Enable Network Inspect
Developer Tools
Network (tab) → Record network log (button)

it’s not sufficient to press Record network log button only.

window configuration tips

it’s convenient to dock Developer Tools to bottom and hide either React or Redux DevTools - this way there’s enough space to the right of RDN to place emulator side by side with RDN.

IMO there’s no sense in displaying both React and Redux DevTools at the same time - show/hide React DevTools (Inspector) with <D-M-j> and Redux DevTools with <D-M-k> on demand (BTW it’s easier to use Command and Option keys to the right of Space key instead of the ones to the left).

when React DevTools are hidden, emulator’s built-in Inspector is used which is also very handy - turn on React DevTools only when it’s strictly necessary to explore React component hierarchy in more detail (I find built-in Inspector more convenient for simple cases since results are shown right in emaulator’s window).