Safari - Troubleshooting

can’t access ~/Library/Safari/

I can neither cd to this directory nor list its files even though I am the owner and permissions seem to be okay (755) - I keep on getting Operation not permitted error even when using sudo.


for some strange reason this directory can be accessed with Finder app only.

history entry can’t be deleted

when I press Del button, the next history entry is selected without deleting current one. clicking Delete menu item in context menu has no effect as well.



this happened right after I imported history from Google Chrome so the first tip is to avoid importing history (bookmarks were imported without a hitch).

if you already have the problem, it might help to delete History.db* files in ~/Library/Safari/ directory and restart the browser (or even OS) - maybe they got corrupted while importing history.

also you might try to remove ~/Library/Caches/ directory.

Safari doesn’t load the page after entering URL

see the previous issue - symptoms and solution are the same.